Michael J. Derelanko, “Toxicologist’s Pocket Handbook”
۲۰۰۰ | pages: 245 | ISBN: 0849300096 | PDF | 3,6 mb

This scaled-down version of the bestselling CRC Handbook of Toxicology provides the most frequently used toxicology reference information in a convenient pocket-sized format allowing quick access to vital information, especially when traveling outside the lab or office. Toxicologists and other health and safety professionals will find this book to be a valuable source of toxicological information at meetings, conferences, workshops, when auditing studies, and in many other situations where the larger handbook is not available or easily carried.
The Toxicologist’s Pocket Handbook contains over 150 of the most frequently used tables and figures from the larger handbook, as well as a listing of the Risk Phrases used in the European Community. An abbreviated glossary of toxicological terms is also provided.

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