Ashok Agarwal, Nabil Aziz, Botros Rizk – Studies on Women’s Health
Published: 2012-08-01 | ISBN: 1627030409, 1627039333 | PDF | 364 pages | 4 MB

Oxidative stress in women’s health has been of interest only in the last two decades. The gap between the basic research and the clinical practice has been the main reason for the lack of progress. As in many areas of medicine, research is ahead of the clinical practice. This book aims to bridge this wide gap, promoting scientific curiosity and laying the foundation for evidence-based practice. Written by leading experts on reproductive health and fertility, the Studies on Women’s Health is of great interest to infertility specialists, gynecologists and reproductive endocrinologists. This volume also addresses the complex interplay of oxidative stress in cardiovascular disease and relationship with women’s health.
The book covers over its seventeen chapters almost every aspect in female reproduction. Oxidative stress effects oogenesis, folliculogenesis and embryogenesis. The role of oxidative stress in pregnancy maintenance and loss is of prime importance. Premature rupture of membranes is a challenge to all practicing obstetricians. Studies on Women’s Health covers polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis which are the two most common diseases in women of reproductive age. The role of oxidative stress in assisted reproduction is elegantly discussed in this book.
Oxidative stress in women’s health is written by leaders in reproductive medicine. Ashok Agarwal is Professor of Urology, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA; Botros Rizk, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of South Alabama College of Medicine, Mobile, Alabama, USA; Nabil Aziz is a consultant gynecologist, Liverpool University, Liverpool, England.

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