Table of Contents:

Section 1: Prepregnancy Care
۱٫ Preconception Care
۲٫ Safe Motherhood to Reproductive Child Health
۳٫ Principles of Antenatal, Intranatal and Postnatal Care at First and Second Referral Centers
۴٫ Changing Trends in Maternal Nutrition and Interventions
۵٫ Maternal Exercises, Yoga and Dance Therapy
۶٫ Genetic Counseling for Obstetricians

Section 2: Medical Disorders in Pregnancy
۷٫ Anemia in Pregnancy
۸٫ Hematological Problems in Pregnancy
۹٫ Hemoglobinopathies in Pregnancy
۱۰٫ Hypertension in Pregnancy
۱۱٫ Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy
۱۲٫ Diabetes in Pregnancy: Current Concepts
۱۳٫ Liver Disease in Pregnancy
۱۴٫ Malaria in Pregnancy
۱۵٫ Thrombophilia in Pregnancy
۱۷٫ HIV Infection in Pregnancy
۱۸٫ Recurrent Spontaneous Abortions: Current Choices in Treatment

Section 3: Fetus as a Patient
۱۹٫ Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapeutic Procedures
۲۰٫ Fetal Infections
۲۱٫ Recent Trends in the Management of Recurrent Pregnancy Wastage
•  Endocrine Dysfunction and Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion    •  Autoimmune Disease and   ۲۲٫ Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Diagnosis and Management
۲۳٫ Controversies in the Management of Twin Pregnancies
۲۴٫ Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes
۲۵٫ Current Trends in the Management of Preterm Labor
۲۶٫ New Approach to Management of Rhesus Alloimmunization
۲۷٫ Fetal Surveillance: Newer Developments
۲۸٫ Fetal Echocardiography
۲۹٫ The Genetic Sonogram
۳۰٫ Fetal Therapy: Medical and Surgical

Section 4: IntraPartum Management
۳۱٫ Place of Induction of Labor in Modern Obstetrics
۳۲٫ Modern Management of Labor
۳۳٫ IntraPartum Fetal Monitoring Controversies
۳۴٫ Management of Obstructed Labor at a Referral Center
۳۵٫ Instrumental Vaginal Delivery
۳۶٫ Modern Management of Breech Presentation
۳۷٫ Changing Trends in Cesarean Section
۳۸٫ Active Management of Third Stage of Labor

Section 5: PostPartum Conditions
۳۹٫ Management of PostPartum Hemorrhage
۴۰٫ Puerperal Sepsis
۴۱٫ Breastfeeding Promotion
۴۲٫ PostPartum Psychiatric Disorders
۴۳٫ PostPartum Exercises
۴۴٫ PostPartum Collapse

Section 6: Emergency in Pregnancy
۴۵٫ AntePartum Hemorrhage Sukanta Misra (Chapter updated by Meenal Jain, Mohita Pengoria)
۴۶٫ Tumors during Pregnancy: Management
۴۷٫ Surgical Emergencies during Pregnancy
۴۸٫ Critical Care in Obstetrics: An Overview
۴۹٫ Emergency Obstetric Care for Reducing Maternal Mortality

Section 7: Family Welfare and Contraception
۵۰٫ History and Development of Contraception
۵۱٫ Natural Methods of Family Planning: Barrier Contraception
۵۲٫ Steroidal and Nonsteroidal Contraception
۵۳٫ Abortion Practices
۵۴٫ Complications and Sequelae of Medical Termination of Pregnancy
۵۵٫ Permanent Methods of Sterilization
۵۶٫ Social Work in Modern Medicine
۵۷٫ Intrauterine Contraceptive Device
۵۸٫ Emergency Contraception
۵۹٫ Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act: Interpretation and Implications
۶۰٫ Vasectomy and Male Partner Involvement in Family Planning and Welfare

Section 8: General Gynecology
۶۱٫ Approach to Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
۶۲٫ Fibroids: Epidemiology, Etiopathophysiology and Diagnosis
۶۳٫ Current Management of Fibroid
۶۴٫ Prolapse: Pathological Anatomy and its Bearing to the Selection of its Treatment
۶۵٫ Current Trends in the Management of Prolapse
۶۶٫ Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
۶۷٫ Ectopic Pregnancy: Current Concepts
۶۸٫ Endometriosis
۶۹٫ Urinary Tract Infection in Women
۷۰٫ Stress Urinary Incontinence
۷۱٫ Genital Fistula
۷۲٫ Genitourinary Fistula Repair
۷۳٫ Decision Making for the Choice of Hysterectomy

Section 9: Endocrinology
۷۴٫ Female Endocrinology and its Clinical Relevance
۷۵٫ Disorders of Menstruation in Adolescent Age
۷۶٫ Hormone Therapy: Current Concepts
۷۷٫ Management of Hyperprolactinemia
۷۸٫ Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Hirsutism
۷۹٫ Luteal Phase Inadequacy
۸۰٫ Hyperandrogenism
۸۱٫ Thyroid and Adrenal Disorders in Gynecology
۸۲٫ Clinical Approach to Primary Amenorrhea
۸۳٫ Precocious Puberty: Clinical Dilemmas in Practice

Section 10: Infertility
۸۴٫ Basic Management of Infertility
۸۵٫ Induction of Ovulation
۸۶٫ Premature Ovarian Failure
۸۷٫ Male Factor in Infertility
۸۸٫ Intrauterine Insemination: Current Perspective
۸۹٫ Tubal Factors in Infertility
۹۰٫ Reconstructive Surgery in Infertility
۹۱٫ Overview of Assisted Reproductive Technology
۹۲٫ Cloning: Current Research
۹۳٫ Stem Cell Research
۹۴٫ Lasers in Human Reproduction

Section 11: Imaging in Obstetrics and Gynecology
۹۵٫ Ultrasonography in Gynecology
۹۶٫ Obstetric Ultrasound
۹۷٫ Color Doppler in Decision-making for Delivery
۹۸٫ Three-dimensional and Four-dimensional Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
۹۹٫ CT-MRI in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Section 12: Oncology
۱۰۰٫ Surgical Management of Vulvar Tumors
۱۰۱٫ Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia: Diagnosis and Management
۱۰۲٫ Downstaging of Cervical Cancer
۱۰۳٫ Surgical Treatment of Cervical Cancer
۱۰۴٫ Ovarian Tumors: Epidemiology and Classification
۱۰۵٫ Ovarian Carcinoma: Clinical Features/Diagnosis/Principles of Treatment
۱۰۶٫ Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
۱۰۷٫ Endometrial Carcinoma
۱۰۸٫ Germ Cell Tumors
۱۰۹٫ Radiation Therapy in Gynecological Cancer
۱۱۰٫ Role of Chemotherapy in Gynecologic Malignancies •  Gestational Trophoblastic Disease    •  Breast Cancer
۱۱۱٫ Human Papillomavirus Infection and its Role in Cervical Cancer

Section 13: Endoscopy
۱۱۲٫ Diagnostic Endoscopy in Gynecology (Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy)
۱۱۳٫ Endoscopy in Infertility
۱۱۴٫ Laparoscopic Electrocauterization of Ovarian Surface
۱۱۵٫ Widening Horizons of Operative Laparoscopy
۱۱۶٫ Hysteroscopy in Infertility
۱۱۷٫ Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: Current Concepts
۱۱۸٫ Complications of Endoscopic Surgery in Gynecology

Section 14: Miscellaneous
۱۱۹٫ Menopause: A Phase in Woman’s Life
۱۲۰٫ Applications of Genetics in Modern Obstetrics and Gynecology
۱۲۱٫ Breast and the Gynecologist
۱۲۲٫ Medicolegal Aspects of Obstetric Practice
۱۲۳٫ Medicolegal Deficiencies in Gynecological Practice
۱۲۴٫ Audit in Obstetrics and Gynecology
۱۲۵٫ The Obstetrician and Gynecologist and the Indian Laws
۱۲۶٫ Immunotherapy in Obstetrics and Gynecology
۱۲۷٫ Fluid Management in Labor
۱۲۸٫ Female Feticide in India
۱۲۹٫ Blood and Blood Component Transfusion
۱۳۰٫ How to Answer Questions in Theory and Viva in Postgraduate Examination?
۱۳۱٫ How to Write a Paper for Publication?
۱۳۲٫ How to Become a Good Doctor: Ethics in Obstetrics and Gynecology
۱۳۳٫ FOGSI as a Brand for Woman’s Health
۱۳۴٫ Doctors’ Liability Under Consumer Protection Act and Preventive Steps to Avoid Litigation
۱۳۵٫ Instruments in Obstetrics and Gynecology
۱۳۶٫ Specimens in Obstetrics and Gynecology
۱۳۷٫ Radiology in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Section 15: Recent Advances
۱۳۸٫ Applications of Laser in Gynecology
۱۳۹٫ Robotics Surgery

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