A vital resource on blood and bone marrow cell morphology inlaboratory animal medicine. This fully revised new edition is anessential reference for clinical pathologists in diagnosticlaboratories, and medical or veterinary research. The atlascontains over 400 color images of cells from the peripheral bloodand bone marrow from a variety of animals encountered in laboratoryanimal medicine, in health and disease.

Key features: * New chapter on flow cytometry and its application in terms ofroutine analyses as a means of identifying abnormalities in cellmarker expression, which is of particular relevance forpre-clinical safety assessment * Covers the most recent developments in laboratory animalhematology, including parameters measured by the latest generationof analyzers * Coverage of a wide range of laboratory animal species, as wellas those used in clinical veterinary trials * Photomicrographs present normal and abnormal blood cells from avariety of hematological conditions along with descriptivetext

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